Since 1987, Innovating through Process and Technologies

Abasys Technologies Inc (“ATI”), is a spin-off from World Wide Technologies, Inc. (“WWTI”), which was founded in Richardson, Texas in 1987 with a focus on developing emerging technologies within the IT, Telecommunications, and Healthcare industries. WWTI was considered a forefather of the Pre-Internet era in the telecommunications industry. Our first product was a Hayes compatible internal modem with several unique features that were later upgraded to 9600 bps, which was astounding at the time. Later, WWTI became reorganized and began targeting the supplying of computer hardware and software to both government and private sectors as an authorized dealer of HP, Dell and IBM. WWTI has obtained federal contracts such as the Bureau of Engraving and Printing, Departments of Treasury and Defense, NASA, NATO, Pentagon, Department of Justice, State Department, USPS, and IRS and their 7 sub-agencies.

Today ATI continues to have a proven track record of delivering Effective Solutions through Innovative Technologies. ATI's government affiliation includes SBA Certification, NIH Registration, HUB Certification in the State of Texas and being in the Qualified Vendor List with several City Governments. ATI's Better Business Bureau rating is A+ for their customer service and overall business operations. ATI solves their clients' toughest challenges by providing services in IT Consulting, Systems Integration, Product Support, Training and Staff Augmentation. With expertise across more than 25 industries for over 3 decades and all business functions, ATI delivers transformational outcomes for a new digitally connected world. ATI has extensive experience in Healthcare, Hardware-Software Integration, IoT Monitoring, and Analytic that turn information/raw data into valuable decision-making tools. ATI is a team player with their strategic partners like Microsoft, IBM, Samsung and XMPRO to provide value-added services to commercial sectors and government agencies.

The value we offer is unique, since we solve problems that traditional application development firms have created, and we significantly save our customer's money, resources, and time in the process. We are a premier one-stop-shop for small and medium sized businesses that require Web & Mobile Apps, Custom Software, Portal Development, E-Commerce Solutions, Technical Recruiting, and other related services. In order to keep our competitive advantage, we constantly work on improving turnaround time and minimizing costs. We also work as subcontractors with a number of companies that wish to leverage our development cost structure. We help our clients cut down on overhead expenses by as much 40%-50%, and reduce their management overheads. We do that by effectively eliminating – legacy applications, complex architectures and outdated approaches to staffing. ATI takes pride in building strategic long-term client relationships. 80% of our revenue comes from our existing customers.

Problem solver and not just another solution provider

Those who have worked with us, see us as a problem solver and not just another solution provider. At ATI, we enjoy reviewing your organizational needs, issues, visions, and goals, to help you succeed and solve any problems in our area of expertise. So, please feel free to reach out to us!

Expert developers

We have designed, developed, and maintained hundreds of custom websites, portals, apps, and software. Our development team is led by veterans from top performing Fortune 500 IT companies, who can play a great role in providing reliable solutions. The ATI team is exceptional at leveraging open source software like LMAP stack, open source CMS, PhoneGap etc. Additionally, our team includes Microsoft and Sun Certified engineers with a solid hands-on working experience with .NET and Java Technologies. Our team is also a regular open source contributor.


We are highly competitive because of our ability to use open source and effectively calibrated development processes. Additionally, your management team can focus on higher end product management activities as our team operates with low management overhead.

Agile methodologies

We follow agile software development methodologies at ATI, which evolve along with web and mobile technologies, and are well suited with application development. They enable short development cycles and delivery of working software at early stages of software projects.

Risk management for project execution

At ATI, we understand information is essential to efficient and effective business processes and it is a critical success factor for a competitive market position. We strive to manage information flows and process structure assiduously to reduce risks that might impact the progress of projects. We achieve that by deciding the best suitable and cost-effective measures needed to be executed in order to control the risks. And, then prototyping, modular development, and receiving progressive sign off from our clients. As a result, risk of miscommunication about software features and functionalities are greatly reduced, and customer satisfaction with our company increases.

Our social responsibilities and non-profit element

ATI has always adopted a sustainable approach to business. We are aware that growth is inextricably linked to the well being of our ecosystem - staff, business partners, customers, local communities, and the environment. We believe that sound environmental, health, and safety performance contributes to our competitive strength while benefiting our customers, partners, and colleagues. We understand our social responsibility and we are at work in the community, supporting national, local, and international charitable efforts. We dedicate time, expertise, and financial resources in the communities where we live and work. We strive to improve environment, health, and educational opportunities in our surrounding communities. All revenue from our Branding Solutions goes to Non-Profit organizations such as; American Red Cross, Arbor Day Foundation, Hopelink, OperationSmile, St. Jude Children's Hospital, National Eye Foundation, Wikimedia Foundation, Humane Societies and more. We develop sustainable solutions to reduce the carbon footprint of our customers. We combine sustainability with engineering to develop smart and green products.