ATI in Game Stack Development

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ATI’s team consists of highly experienced and competent developers, designers, engineers, artists, and animators. Our team’s growth never stops, and we make sure that each project has the required manpower and resources. Our portfolio spans a variety of genres and situations, and we acquire new projects every day!

What is ATI’s Mission in Game Development?

Gaming is an art form. Everyone should be able to enjoy them, and everyone should be able to create them. From industry classics like Ocarina of Time, modern titles like OverWatch, and one-man-army projects like Braid, the core idea of creating something for people to enjoy is something ATI has the upmost respect and admiration for. As the industry grows, so do the costs, resources, and manpower. This leads to companies having different sectors for development, such as R&D, design, production, post-production, and server maintenance. ATI stands in the field with them, providing the talent and energy needed to reach goals and achieve their vision. Our goal is to utilize our strong ability in game production to create substantial products that dwell within the realms of success, and forge a relationship of trust between game developers and the gamers.

Value ATI has for Game Stack Development

ATI lies their values with distinction, accuracy, and possibility.`

Accuracy - ATI understands a company’s values. We have no struggle consistently adapting to the core objectives of an organization, specifically tailoring to their every request with the exact specifications and guidelines that have been in their company since day one. We listen as we contribute, and we communicate every action we take to ensure your goals are being met by us. The IPs we acquire immediately becomes sealed within our tools and processes for high level security, trust, and foundation. ATI makes sure our contribution is as lined up as possible with a creator’s vision, while maintaining the same level of care that is expected from their organization.

Distinction - ATI has been around for over 30 years. Our team has gathered decades of substantial experience to make a difference in the game industry. Each team member showcases their passion and desire to deliver quality only found within our boundaries. The effort and sheer dedication we present is our goal as we exceed expectations and contribute positive applications to the medium. We enjoy the games we create, as we are in a business of having fun.

Possibility - ATI wants to make visions a reality. Our dedication to provide fun entertainment stems from our values as a company. We love to play games, we love to make games, and we love to make game ideas come true. We are a company based in Richardson, Texas, yet we still offer very competitive pricing you would expect from outsourcing, while having immense quality and direct communication. We manage this by leveraging our 30-year tenure in software development, allowing us to be more reasonably priced while still having developers who possess a strong, varied skillset.

The Methodology of ATI

app development firm

A video game is a creation of art. It deserves respect, precision, polishing, and compassion. We understand and achieve these fundamentals to ensure that a game reaches its full potential, making it fun to play, and interesting to experience. We have established steps that allow us to reach the highest level of quality a game needs.

1. Meeting: Like the tutorial level, the initial meetings starts off the process and initiates direct communication on the project.

2. Planning: Heavy planning is taken into account as we thoroughly coordinate on all aspects of the project, ensuring the project has the required resources and team members.

3. Execution: It begins! The game creation starts off with our strongest team members leading the forefront, as we design and carefully design all the specified features, mechanics, animations, and art.

4. Testing: Day one patches beware, because ATI is here! We carefully analyze, document, and fix every bug and glitch we see. Through heavy testing we determine if our product has the required quality you deserve

5. Delivery: As we reach the final stages of development, we thoroughly ensure we have reached and exceeded the level of quality that is deserved. From there, the project is completed, and ready to be sent back to the client!

We are very open with our game development process, and are always communicating at every level during the project.

Abilities, Tools, Software, and Platforms

Through ATI, we have amassed talent and resources dedicated to providing at all levels of game development. Here is a list of our abilities, tools, software, and platforms.


- Optimization
- Level Design
- Engine Tinkering
- Physics
- Rendering
- Character Models
- Rigging
- Multiplayer Development
- Art Assets
- Console Porting
- Mechanics
- Mobile Porting


- C/C++
- Java
- .NET
- Objective-C
- Swift
- Lua
- Python
- JavaScript
- OpenGL
- Pointer Lock
- Web Audio


- Maya3D
- Blender
- Adobe Flash
- Photoshop-C
- Roxio
- Unity3D
- Unreal Engine
- App Game Kit
- CryEngine
- GameMaker Studio
- Godot
- Source

ATI's Game Application Outsourcing Service Portfolio Includes

  • Game Application Development - Helps you address evolving market demand and technology challenges by defining, designing and building game applications tailored to meet your players.
  • Application Maintenance – Maximizes your existing game applications through our maintenance and enhancement support.
  • Testing and Validation Services – Helps clients across game industry verticals build Quality Assurance (QA) enterprise through a combination of transformation models, offerings to address the changing technology landscape, framework for package-testing-led business transformation and new engagement models.