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ATI is registered with NIH (National Institute of Health) eRA Commons.

At ATI, we work with NIH grant recipients, Universities and Institutes that are carrying out scientific research projects and are making an impact on human health every day!

No matter what type of research labs you work in, you know first-hand how demanding laboratory research can be. From testing and storing specimens to documenting results and preparing for regulatory audits - the operational challenges you face can be tremendous. The use of manual processes or outdated information management systems only adds to these challenges, leading to a loss of productivity, a greater potential for errors and compromise a patient's confidentiality. Yes, you may have several software to handle your research and lab needs but chances are you're using separate software systems to perform each of these functions. This lack of software integration not only magnifies an already complex process, causing a significant loss of productivity, but it can also greatly hinder the quality of your research. Your customers depend on your ability to manage and process the consolidated data efficiently.

We at ATI, provide advanced software technologies and services to biotechnology companies operating in collaborative modes. ATI’s experience in Bio-technologies automation and software development include in the area of High Throughput Genomics, Proteomics, Chromatography, Imaging, Bioinformatics, Laboratory Management Software, Software-Hardware Communication and more. With a concentration of advanced instrumentation, expertise in their applications, and an extensive network of academic, federal, not-for-profit enterprises and commercial partners, ATI can be your local IT partner for your research.

We have years of experience developing software to help organizations streamline their biotechnological research projects. We develop use of technology to streamline or substitute manual manipulation of equipment and processes. Laboratory automation offers technologies and engineering backing for state-of-the-art work flows in research, quality assurance, and diagnostics labs. Lab automation techniques we develop can be used in a majority of lab procedures - from simple capping and decapping of sample bottles to high throughput screening of test samples. We can apply our experience to help you with web-based clinical trial data capture and management.

We also provide the technological infrastructure that you need to run a successful clinical trial. Our clinical research software SMEs include the best-in-class clinical experts and research staff working together to help pharmaceutical companies get their products to the market, fast. Whether they need careful patient selection for their Phase 1 studies or experience in drug development and research for Phase II- IV, the software's quality and performance facilitates decision making for the products. The software is scalable to provide highly diversified dimensions to clinical studies.

Extensive Experience Biotechnology Automation and Software Integration:

Web and Mobile Application: To solve complex healthcare and biotechnology problems with analytical solutions. Bioinformatics: Tools and software for diagnostics, comparative genomics, sequencing and host-pathogen interactions.
Computational Chemistry: Drug-protein interactions, protein-structure predictions, protein engineering, and membranes.
Computational Drug Design: Structure- and ligand-based drug design and pharmacological optimization.
Network Science & Systems Biology: Interaction networks, metabolic networks, coagulation, inflammation and healing.
Physiological Data Modeling & Mining: Leveraging big data and reporting system.


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Biotech UW

Thanks so much for your excellent work! The ATI team was very responsive to my specific requests for the look and development of the site and had an excellent turnaround time on each task. I would recommend their services to others for sure.

Dr. Kimberly Allison (Director of Breast Pathology)
University of Washington 
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