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7 Innovative Apps Ideas!

Some of our customers ask us how can we take advantage of the mobility boom and make money along the way. Some of them come to us with great ideas but they need help in scoping out the requirements\features or trying to reckon the cost. Here are some ideas (and feature set!) matching the current trends that came from our exhaustive research.

For any product sellers (Stores, Shops or Online): Create an app that customers would want to use and ultimately would bring into the store (or online) for product or service.

- Allow a quick inventory and price checker.
- Offer a daily or weekly deal in the app exclusively for the app users.
- Give people a fun badge for checking in frequently and using the app.
- Randomly give people a special incentive after so many checkins using the app.
- Let customers tweet you a question easily.
- Sell a gift certificate that can be redeemed anywhere.
- Run polls to gauge customer interest on brands (Pepsi vs Coke) so you know what to focus on selling.
- Send the customer a freebie or just a greetings notification on their birthdays.

Event & Networking Apps: Professional and social networking has boomed lately. Simply create an event-specific app with these features -

- Makes it easy to find the event and allow people to RSVP.
- Let them see who're coming and speaker bios for networking.
- Let them keep track of the upcoming events.
- Provide directions, map and host’s contact information.
- Let people push out messages to Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook right from the app.
- Let them add comments, upload photos, and share an event with their friends.
- Use the location-aware capabilities that lets them find people in their industry.

Restaurants with Daily Specials: Many restaurants have a website and Facebook page where they update information, but there’s a great co-marketing & co-branding opportunity to save costs while keep customers coming into the restaurants. You don’t have to be a restaurant owner to develop this app you can develop and harvest anyway!

- Share cost of developing the app.
- Share the content, such as story and profile of each restaurant in the app.
- Offer one or more daily deals. Add\Update\Delete daily specials for all the different restaurants.
- Publish menu, hours and locations.
- Let customers place an order for delivery from any of the participating restaurants.
- Sell a gift certificate that can be redeemed at any of the restaurants.
- Send the customer a freebie or just a greetings notification on their birthdays.
- Let customers reserve a table for parties .
- Let customers rate or\and comments about their favorite meals.

Supply Ordering Apps: If you are a business product supplier create a supply ordering app that lets people order new supplies by photographing a barcode on the product they need.

- Let users store their shipping and billing information in the app.
- Let users edit the quantity, and quickly get more of the supplies they need.
- Let users tap into their buying history.
- Provide push notifications for when they are likely running low on a certain supply.
- Include reviews, recommended products, and shipping status notifications etc.

Health-care Mobility Apps: If you are in healthcare, medicine, or a doctor you may want to developer one for your brand even there are several health-care apps out there.

- Provide self-monitoring tool. Show drug information and effects.
- Show some beginning level anatomy and some educational videos.
- Create tools that can help determining whether the patient has made progress between the visits.
- Include online exercise monitoring tool, people can set their gym goals etc and track.
- Users can self-monitor emotional experiences associated with a disease.
- Dentists can show the effects of dental conditions such as periodontal disease, decay, cracks, and other conditions over time.
- Patience can make\update\cancel an appointment request.
- Gather patient feedback and testimonials.
- Add a built in GPS capability that will lead patience right to your office from their present location. Once the patience starts from the source a notification can go out to you and\or your receptionist for a heads-up.

Legal Compliance Apps: If your prospects and customers work in a highly regulated industry you can create an app that answers legal questions, deliver results for government guidelines, and provides safety requirements so people can assure if they're being compliant at all times.

- Created the checklist that outlines the regulatory requirements.
- Offers advice in a range of sectors such as businesses, contractors, charities, educational institutes etc.
- Provide contract review and approval.
- Provide trademark registration and handling of IP Infringement issues.
- Provide incident\accident report and whistleblower reports.
- Attorney can provide checklists in their practice area and advertise their law-firm.

Apps for IT companies: Finally, if you are another software development company like us, you can make an app that lets people use features of your software on their mobile devices. Currently we are also working on some efforts in this direction. We don’t mind sharing some examples with you.

- Add a price calculator feature something like what we have for web - Online Quoter.
- Delivers security alerts when customers experience a security breach.
- Let your readers select only the newsletter topics they want to learn about.
- Create a HTML code generator for a novice to figure out how to code her next email campaign.
- Let customers calculate the ROI of some features\aspects your customer wants to add.
- Create an app that alerts your sales team when a new lead needs to be contacted.

Today 77% of the world’s population is on mobile and PayPal saw a 190% increase in global mobile payment volume last year’s holiday time (Nov & Dec 2012) as compared to the same period in 2011. The global mobile applications market is expected to be worth $25.0 billion in 2015, growing at a CAGR of 29.6% from 2010 to 2015. With these data, there definitely is untapped potential for several other niches not mentioned here.

If you do not need any of these apps at-least optimize your website for mobile this year.

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