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Choosing the right Content Management System for your website

As you may know, a content management system (CMS) is a multifunctional system for organizing and storing content for a web site. It is also a very user-friendly tool that allows for someone who does not know programming language to easily create and maintain a website.

You may already know some of the most popular and user-friendly content management systems, but their features mentioned below can help you choose a right CMS for you if you don’t have one already or if you are looking for improvements -

• Aid in easy storage and retrieval of data.
• Reduce repetitive data input.
• Easy integration with social media.
• Control access to data, based on users’ roles.
• Allow multiple users to contribute to and share stored data.

WordPress – In the beginning, WordPress was used primarly for blogging. Today it is the most widely used CMS. It is used for many corporate web sites. WordPress offers themes that can be adapted to thousands of templates, as well as plugins that extend the functionality of the site. The most recent of these is an in-built auto updater plugin that can be added to the backend of your current WordPress site without downloading files. It is very easy to use and especially helpful for people who do not know HTML. It comes with an integrated WYSIWYG Editor (tool) that allows user to view the content similar to the end results while the document is being created.

Drupal: This was developed as a pure CMS, and not a blogging framework, like WordPress. Drupal offers a wide range of optional modules with an array of interesting features, such as forums, user blogs, OpenID, user profiles, and much more. Drupal is a free, open source CMS, subject to General Public License (GPL). Installation of Drupal requires a web server and a PHP- and SQL-compliant database, such as MySQL or PostgreSQL).

Joomla! - This is another simple and complete CMS package that offers several great features and extensions. It is easy to install and offers a user-friendly administration interface with drop-down menus. The official Joomla web site hosts over 3,200 extensions, so there’s a huge development community behind this CMS. However, the themes and extensions in the Joomla community are more commercially oriented, so if you need customization products, do not forget the credit card!

Expression Engine - This CMS is an elegant and flexible solution for any type of project. It is easy to expand and adapt. Expression Engine sets high targets for administration interface, it is also very intuitive and organized. It only takes a few minutes to understand the backend and to capture the content or to change the look of the web site. Expression Engine is packed with useful features, such as the ability to manage multiple sites with one installation. One of the best features is the global search and replacement function. Anyone who has managed a web site or even a blog knows that it is difficult and time-consuming to replace large quantities of data, requiring you to edit each page.

So choosing the right multifunctional CMS for your website depends on the feature requirements, content strategy, and complexity of the project. The rationale for choosing the right CMS is flexibility and better management of the content (text, pictures, videos, and/or audio).


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